1. Identify Bucket Tooth

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How to identify Bucket Tooth?

How to identify your bucket tooth?


  1.  Side Pin or Top Pin

            Side Pin

            There are many side pin bucket tooth fitment styles. The most p opular right now is the Cat J-Series and Komatsu's.

  •             CAT J-SERIES   

                       Cat J-Series pins run horizontally through the tooth and adapter.




                       J-Series has a pin and separate retainer. The pins have a recessed groove at one end to seat the retainer that is

                       inserted into the adapter.



                       J-Series adapters have a recessed area on one side of the nose that retainer is inserted into.



  •       KOMATSU

                    Komatsu bucket teeth have an integrated centre-ring pin and retainer that looks like this showes on belowing photo.



                  Komatsu adapters can be distinguished from Cat J-Series because they have no recessed area for retainer on the nose.




       Top Pin

  •        ESCO CONICAL

                  ESCO Conical bucket teeth have a vertical pin system. The hole is on the top and is rectangular shape with a

                  square top and rounded bottom.



                Photo below showes the pins and rubber retainers.


             The top end of the tooth tends to have a rounded shape that fits into a concave counterspace on the adapter.



  1.  Machine Size

            Once you have identified the fitment style the next step is to confirm the fitment size. The quickest way to narrow down
            where to look is to use the machine size. The correct size adapters should be fitted to a bucket that is designed for a
            specific machine size. Correct advice isn't always followed but it is a good start to help identify your fitment size.

            Please see the following chart that matches the correct machine tonnage with fitment sizes:



  1.  Pin and Retainer Size


            Measuring your pins and retainers is the most accurate way to determine your fitment size because they are manufactured 

            to more exacting measurements than cast teeth.

            Now that you know what fitment size matches your machine tonnage you can view the product listings for the pin and 

            retainer in that size. 


  1. Tooth Pocket Size


         If you're still unsure, or you want to double-check your result, you can measure the interior pocket opening of

          your worn/other  teeth.

         The pocket is the area that the adapter nose fits into. The interior pocket is subject to minimal wear during the life

         of a bucket tooth.

         This makes it a good location to compare measurements.



           Measure the height and width of the top/rear opening of the pocket and compare with the table of measurements

           on a product listing on the website. If you find a close match then you're looking at the right product.




LUCAS PARTS  is not responsible for customers who use this guide and order the wrong teeth. We offer a 60-days returns policy if

you make an incorrect purchase.