Excavator Spare Parts

Need excavator parts for your next commercial landscaping project?

Excavators are widely used in small scale and large-scale construction projects all over the world.  For road constructions and excavating sites, you need to use high-quality machinery to get the work done seamlessly. Furthermore, high quality machinery requires excavator spare parts that can help the machine, provide its functions with very little chance of breaking down, or the machine itself snagging.

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For over 20 years, our experienced and trained experts have been trusted with providing quality excavator spare partsexcavator final drive units at cost-effective prices. We offer reliable and trustworthy services to help our clients work on their construction project without any hassle. By providing our clients with quality excavator parts, we ensure that they never have to search for another supplier for keeping their construction activities running smoothly.

If it’s time to replace your essential equipment parts, then you should only rely on reputed suppliers. Do not compromise on the quality of the spare parts you install. You get value for money on excavator parts and accessories at Lucas Parts that will improve the performance of your machinery. It is important that you go with a dedicated and reliable supplier for excavator undercarriage parts, as any fault with these parts could end up causing you a significant amount of money when your machinery will inevitably break down. As such, it would be best to go with Lucas Parts, who are among the most trustworthy and leading suppliers of excavator parts in Melbourne.

Couldn’t find what you are looking for? No problem. Connect with our customer staff and we will help you find the perfect and compatible spare parts for your machinery. We assure you to deliver the products in less than a week. You can rely on our expertise to help you find the right replacement parts. Our in-house consultants can help recommend excavator spare parts that will not only speed up your construction activities, but will also allow you to get the most optimal usage out of your excavator. By evaluating your requirements, they can recommend specific excavator undercarriage parts that will go a long way in making your construction activities, a lot simpler.

We have a collection of application-focused spare parts designed to function in adverse ground conditions. From a track link to travel assembly, we have all the supplies you need. The excavator spare parts are great to carry out multiple construction tasks including digging trenches, grading, lifting heavy pipes and materials and mining.

An excavator is used to lift heavy-weight and large objects which is why you need to make sure that they are functioning properly.

Want to keep the essential processes functioning? Choose Lucas Parts as your leading supplier of excavator parts and keep your constriction business running.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts Melbourne

Our team consists of industry professionals, we keep our clients updated throughout the process. We are known to provide comprehensive services to all clients, thus helping them shop for the right products. 

Explore some of the best equipment and excavator undercarriage parts to achieve excellent results every time.

Our team has set up a rigorous quality and selection process to ensure that each manufactured product meets your diverse needs and requirements.

What we offer?

Our streamlined process allows the customers to shop for the best excavator undercarriage parts in Melbourne. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We pay special attention to details while designing and manufacturing accessories and spare parts.

With years of experience, we understand the importance of delivering reliable, durable and safe earthmoving and machinery parts.

Lucas Parts is a result of manufacturing excellence and innovative technologies combined. Our tailored approach has made it possible to support our clients and cater to their needs. We work with skilled experts who deliver reliable and quality services 24/7.

Our experienced staff work closely with each client to identify their unique requirements and offer personalised solutions according to the nature of their construction project and budget.

Take advantage of our online search tool and access thousands of excavator undercarriage parts online.



Shim 40*1*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 45*2*80mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 35*1*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 45*3*80mm ID x Thickness x OD



Plow Bolt & Nut 3/4" 10UNC x 69mm (Bolt Total Length)



Shim 40*2*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 45*5*80mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 65*1*110mm ID x Thickness x OD


SKU: BB45X90X50M

Bucket Bosses 45x90x50mm ID*OD*L



Bush Dust Seal 55*70*4mm One Pair ID*OD*THK

$210.00 $180.00

SKU: EBR10103

Bottom Roller PC100 PC120 PC128 PC130 PC138

$215.00 $175.00


Bottom Roller VIO30 VIO35 B27 VIO27 B25 B37-2A



Bucket Bosses 45x90x70mm ID*OD*L Bolt Hole


SKU: P45X320M1

Excavator Pin 45*320mm ID*TL


SKU: B40X50X50M

Bush 40*50*50mm ID*OD*L E35 (P11) PN PX12B01151P1



Track Adjuster Cylinder KX080-3 KX080-3S KX080-3MC