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Idler CAT311 CAT312 CAT314 Bolt Pattern 45*216mm*M16


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Compatible with the following equipment:


  • 311 5PK -1-UP    311 9LJ -1-UP    311B 2LS -1-UP    311B 2MS -1-UP
  • 311B 8GR -1-UP    311B 8HR -1-UP    311C CKE-1-UP    311C CLR-1-UP
  • 311C PAD-1-UP    312 6GK -1-UP    312 6TL -1-UP    312 7DK -1-UP
  • 312B 2NS -1-UP    312B 2PS -1-UP    312B 3ES -1-UP    312B 9HR -1-UP
  • 312B 9NW -1-UP    312BL     312C     312D DLP-1-UP
  • 312D FBJ-1-UP    312D HCW-1-UP    312D KCD-1-UP    312D LRK-1-UP
  • 312D PHH-1-UP    312D RHL-1-UP    312D XJX-1-UP    312D LCR 5PB-1-UP
  • 312D LCR BYJ-1-UP    312D LCR SSZ-1-UP    312D LCR TXM-1-UP    312D LCR XHR-1-UP
  • 312D2 KLE-1-UP    312D2 RXZ-1-UP    312D2L     312DL JBC-1-UP
  • 312DL KES-1-UP    312DL LSW-1-UP    312DL RKF-1-UP    312DL SKA-1-UP
  • 312DL TGY-1-UP    312DL XGK-1-UP    314C KJA-1-UP    314C PCA-1-UP
  • 314C SNY-1-UP    314D CR PDP-1-UP    314D CR WLN-1-UP    314E CR ECN-1-UP
  • 314E LCR DKD-1-UP    314E LCR YCW-1-UP    314E LCR ZJT-1-UP    

CROSS REFERENCE (Original codes):
VPI    V4I7337V


Shipping Weight 100.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.600m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.600m
Shipping Cubic 0.180000000m3


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