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Top Roller Caterpillar D6H D6R


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Compatible with the following equipment:


  • 1850K LGP     1850K LT     1850K XLT     


  • 963B 9BL-1-UP    963C 2DS-1-UP    963D SYSTEM ONE LCS-1-UP    963D SYSTEM ONE TLG-1-UP
  • D6H 2KD-1-5499    D6H 3ED-1-5499    D6H 3ZF-1-5953    D6H 3ZF-5954-UP
  • D6H 4RC-1-4000    D6H 4RC-4000-UP    D6H 4YF-1-5499    D6H 6CF-1-3999
  • D6H 6CF-4000-UP    D6H LGP 1KD-1-5499    D6H LGP 1KD-5500-UP    D6H LGP 2TG-1-543
  • D6H LGP 2TG-4093-UP    D6H LGP 2TG-544-4092    D6H LGP 3YG-1-556    D6H LGP 4GG-1-5499
  • D6H LGP 4GG-5500-UP    D6H LGP 5HF-1-441    D6H LGP 5HF-4276-UP    D6H LGP 5HF-442-4275
  • D6H LGP 6FC-1-597    D6H LGP 6FC-4092-UP    D6H LGP 8FC-461-964    D6H LGP 8FC-5500-UP
  • D6H LGP 8FC-965-5499    D6H LGP 8YC-1-472    D6H LGP 8YC-473-UP    D6H XL 8SK-1-5499
  • D6H XL 8SK-5500-UP    D6H XL 8ZJ-1-342    D6H XL 8ZJ-343-UP    D6H XL 9KJ-1-620
  • D6H XL 9KJ-621-UP    D6H XL 9RK-1-5499    D6H XL 9RK-5500-UP    D6H XR 1YL-1-323
  • D6H XR 1YL-324-UP    D6H XR 2BL-1-375    D6H XR 2BL-376-UP    D6H XR 5KK-1-349
  • D6H XR 5KK-350-UP    D6H XR 6CK-1-405    D6H XR 6CK-406-UP    D6H XR 7ZK-1-5499
  • D6H XR 7ZK-5500-UP    D6R 2HM-1-UP    D6R 2YN-1-UP    D6R 3ZN-1-UP
  • D6R 4FM-1-UP    D6R 5PR-1-UP    D6R 6FR-1-UP    D6R LGP 6GR-1-UP
  • D6R LGP 7AR-1-UP    D6R LGP 8LN-1-UP    D6R LGP 8TM-1-UP    D6R LGP 9PN-1-UP
  • D6R XL 4JR-1-UP    D6R XL 5LN-1-UP    D6R XL 5RR-1-UP    D6R XL 6MR-1-UP
  • D6R XL 7GR-1-UP    D6R XL 9BM-1-UP    D6R XR 6HR-1-UP    D6R XR 7DR-1-UP
  • D6R XR 7KN-1-UP    D6R XR 8XN-1-UP    D6R XR 9MN-1-UP    


  • D180     D180LGP     D180XLT


  • LR634     PR734L 1UP    PR734LGP 1UP    PR734XL 1UP


SKU DTR09102
Shipping Weight 16.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.600m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.600m
Shipping Cubic 0.180000000m3
Unit Of Measure ea


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