SKU: DTC10103L46L

Track Chain CAT 46L D4 D4C D4D D4D Oil Lubricated



Compatible with the following equipment:


  • D4 29A-1-949    D4 30A-1-UP    D4C 39A-1-851    D4C 40A-1-5253
  • D4C 54A-1-UP    D4C 55A-1-UP    D4C 69A-1-UP    D4D 22C-1-UP
  • D4D 60J-1-1732    D4D 78A-1-1620    D4D 78A-1621-UP    D4D 82J-1-1949
  • D4D 83J-1-868    D4D 84J-1-893    D4D 88A-1-460    D4D 88A-461-UP
  • D4D 91A-1-UP    D4D 97F-1-UP

We are the track chain manufacturer selling direct to consumers.  Our parts are guaranteed to fit and are backed by the factory warranty in two years. Give you a peace of mind to buy if you worry about the price is too cheap.


We offer two types of Bulldozer track chains:

  • Greased Track Chain (Sealed and Greased)
  • Oil Lubricated Track Chain (Self-lubricating)

Lucas Parts' Greased Track Chains are a sealed and greased type construction. This kind of chain using a plastic seals between the link and the track pin with a synthetic grease lubrication. The pins are greased before pressing, therefore they are resistant to weather influences and corrosion. The minimal touch between the pin and bush increasing the life-time of premature wear. The seals prevent soil infiltration and keep the grease in the track links. Since the use of grease and seals in the chain, it extends its life more than 20% comparing to Sealed Chain.

Most of Bulldozers use the oil lubricated track chains, also known as SALT chains (Seals and Lubricated Type) due to the increased mobility and speed of tracking. Thus, there is more play between the pin and the bush than with greased track chains. The space between the pin and the bush is vacuumed and filled with oil after the pin is pressed. Premium quality seals are required for preventing excess wear to an oil lubricated track chain. Hence, the use of oil lubricated track chain extends its life more than 50% comparing with Sealed Chain.


SKU DTC10103L46L
Shipping Weight 380.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.200m
Shipping Height 0.700m
Shipping Length 1.200m
Shipping Cubic 1.008000000m3
Unit Of Measure ea


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