Track Chain

Lucas Parts excavator track chains offer two years product warranty. It is the type that sealed and greased . The excavator track chain use a plastic seal bwtween the link and the track pin with a synthetic grease lubrication.

The benefits of this type track chain are:

  • The seals prevent soil infiltration and keep the grease in the track links.
  • Track pins are resistant to weather influences and corrosion as they are greased before pressing in.
  • Preventing premature wear by the advantage of minimal play between the track pin and the bushing.

$1,450.00 $1,100.00

SKU: ETC06103L38

Track Chain 38L R60 IHI45N EX45(40L) ZX55 CAT304


SKU: ETC10105L41

Track Chain 41L SK100 SK115 SK120


SKU: ETC09102L42

Track Chain 42L CAT307 E70B EC70 Yanmar B7 Bobcat X445

$1,725.00 $1,240.00

SKU: ETC06101L42

Track Chain 42L PC40-7 CX40B VIO50 B50

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Track Chain 43L PC100-5 PC128US-2 PC130 PC138


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Track Chain 44L PC100-5 PC130 PC138 PC150-3


SKU: ETC10105L44

Track Chain 44L SK100 SK115SR SK120 SK125SR-2 SK135SR

$4,900.00 $3,790.00

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Track Chain 45L PC300-6 PC330-7 PC290LC 7 EX300-5 ZX270 ZX330LC-1


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Track Chain 45L CAT325 CAT329 SK220HD-3 SK220HD SK250HD

$5,050.00 $3,800.00

SKU: ETC30103L45

Track Chain 45L CAT330 SK300-2 SK320 SK330 SK350-8

$3,490.00 $2,250.00

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Track Chain 45L PC200-5 PC200-6/7 PC200-8 PC220-5 PC230 R210