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Looking for a branded Komatsu spare parts for your machinery?

Optimise the performance of your construction equipment with our customised solutions. Now shop for all types of spare parts at one shop destination. It can be a challenging task to search for Komatsu parts online as many third-party suppliers are unable to authenticate the originality of the products they are selling. As such, you will require a reliable and reputed supplier for Komatsu excavator parts, who will be able to provide you with 100% genuine equipment.

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Finding the right parts for your heavy construction machinery can be tough. What if there was a better way to shop for integrated tools online? What if you had a supplier for Komatsu spare parts, who you could blindly trust and has a vast amount of experience when it comes to spare parts for heavy machinery?

At Lucas Parts, you can explore powerful spare parts that are built to last. We believe that high-quality parts and accessories can improve the performance and efficiency of heavy-duty commercial machines for construction. We understand the challenge our customers face when searching for Komatsu parts online. As such, we ensure that we only source 100% genuine Komatsu spare parts so that our clients can have an easy replacement for their Komatsu excavators at a moment's notice.

Our team members work towards fulfilling our company’s common objective - To provide our customers with dynamic Komatsu parts online. Our high-end products are a result of constant innovation and implementing efficiency management processes. With competitive pricing, we are sure you will find value for money products.

Want to know more about our product line? How about you give us a call on 0404 876 876 and we will help you shortlist the most suited spare parts and other accessories for your machinery.

We look for quicker ways to manufacture innovative parts and supply them all over Australia. Now reduce latency and get products delivered to your doorstep within a week. You can place your order for Komatsu parts online. If you're unsure about the type of Komatsu excavator parts you require, then reach out to us today and our in-house consultants will be able to determine the best Komatsu spare parts for your machinery. They can also help recommend any additional spare parts that will be able to make your heavy machinery highly efficient and increase its functionality.

We use the world’s leading technology to design and import quality spare parts at cost-effective prices. When you choose our services, you’ll get:

  • High performance and compatible excavator parts
  • Streamlined process aimed at speeding up your shopping experience
  • Powerful accessories and spare parts for your business

As the leading suppliers of Komatsu spare parts, the team of Lucas Parts is committed to delivering durable products along with a warranty for 100% quality assurance. We offer reliable services round the clock to make sure your construction machines and equipment are functioning properly.

We would never compromise with the safety and quality of our product line.

Keep your machines running and avoid costly future repairs by installing quality parts. You can discuss your site condition requirements in detail so that our experts can assist you in selecting the most suitable parts for your bulldozers or excavators.

Komatsu excavator parts

Why Us?

We serve customers all over Australia to continue their work with extreme proficiency. Use our Komatsu excavator parts to get the best results in less time. Whether it is digging or preparing the surface for construction, we have all the tools and resources to make it happen.

With improved machine’s performance, you do not have to face any technical difficulties. Protect your investments by ensuring that your machines are properly maintained. We offer maintenance support services.

The excavator parts are designed while keeping the harsh site conditions in mind. They are built to perform even in the most adverse conditions.

Looking for the best Komatsu excavator parts? Try us.

We help our clients’ speed-up their construction process and boost their productivity levels. Minimise the chances of errors, choose from our range of spare parts and lower your cost of construction.


SKU: HCAA20102

Arm Cylinder Assembly PC200-5 PC200-6


SKU: HCAA06103

Arm Cylinder Assembly PC55


SKU: HCAL20101

Boom Cylinder Assembly PC200-5 PC200-6


SKU: HCAL06102

Boom/Lift Cylinder Assembly PC55


SKU: HCAB10103

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC100 PC120

$2,750.00 $1,850.00

SKU: HCAB03107

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC20


SKU: HCAB03105

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC40


SKU: HCAB03103

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC45MR


SKU: HCAB20112

Bucket Cylinder Assembly CAT320C CAT324


SKU: HCAB20101

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC200-5 PC200-6


SKU: HCAB20102

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC220 PC240


SKU: HCAB03108

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC35MR


SKU: HCAB06103

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC55


SKU: HCAB06106

Bucket Cylinder Assembly PC60-7

$110.00 $99.00

SKU: BTA30101W40

Bucket Tooth Adapter PC300 PC360 PN:207-939-3120-40

$80.00 $70.00

SKU: BT30102RC

Bucket Tooth RC Type PC300 PC360 PN 207-70-14151

$6.50 $5.50

SKU: BTSP30101

Bucket Tooth Side Pin PC300 PC360 (Pin and Retainer)