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Top Roller CAT320 E200 CAT322 CAT323 CAT324 CAT326 Shaft 47mm

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Compatible with the following equipment:


  • 315 3ZM -1-UP    315 4YM -1-UP    315C ANF-1-UP    315L 6YM -1-UP
  • 315L 7NM -1-UP    317 4MM -1-UP    317BL 6DZ -1-UP    317BLN 9WW -1-UP
  • 317N 9SR -1-UP    318BL     318BN 7KZ -1-UP    318BN AEJ -1-UP
  • 318C ADC-1-UP    318C AEJ-1-UP    318C BTG-1-UP    318C FAA-1-UP
  • 319E KGL -1-UP    320 2DL -1-UP    320 3RK -1-UP    320 3XM -1-UP
  • 320 7WK -1-UP    320 8LK -1-UP    320B 5BR -1-UP    320BL 6CR -1-UP
  • 320BL LN 3YZ -1-UP    320BLL 6LS -1-UP    320BLL 9JS -1-UP    320C AKH -1-UP
  • 320C AMC -1-UP    320C APA -1-UP    320C BCB -1-UP    320CL ALF -1-UP
  • 320CL BDB -1-UP    320CL BGB -1-UP    320D A6F-1-UP    320D AZR-1-UP
  • 320D BWZ-1-UP    320D BZP-1-UP    320D CXY-1-UP    320D DFT-1-UP
  • 320D EBT-1-UP    320D FAL-1-UP    320D GKS-1-UP    320D JFGZ-1-UP
  • 320D JFZ-1-UP    320D JPD-1-UP    320D KLM-1-UP    320D MCH-1-UP
  • 320D MZD-1-UP    320D SNS-1-UP    320DL A8F-1-UP    320DL A9F-1-UP
  • 320DL BWP-1-UP    320DL DHK-1-UP    320DL FNA-1-UP    320DL FXF-1-UP
  • 320DL GDP-1-UP    320DL KGF-1-UP    320DL KZF-1-UP    320DL MDE-1-UP
  • 320DL MGG-1-UP    320DL PDS-1-UP    320DL PHX-1-UP    320DL SPN-1-UP
  • 320DL TDH-1-UP    320DL WJN-1-UP    320L 1KL -1-UP    320L 1TL -1-UP
  • 320L 3XK -1-UP    320L 4BK -1-UP    320L 9KK -1-UP    320N 1XM -1-UP
  • 320N 9WG -1-UP    321C DAX-1-UP    321C KBB-1-UP    321C KCR-1-UP
  • 321C MCF-1-UP    321C LC     322 7WL -1-UP    322B 3NR -1-UP
  • 322BL 1YS -1-UP    322BL 2ES -1-UP    322BL 8NR -1-UP    322BLN 1ZS -1-UP
  • 322CL     322L 7WL -1-UP    322L 8CL -1-UP    322L 9RL-1-UP
  • 322LN 4RM -1-UP    322N 9JL -1-UP    323DL BYM-1-UP    323DL JLG-1-UP
  • 323DL NDE-1-UP    323DL PBM-1-UP    323DL SDC-1-UP    323DLN CYD-1-UP
  • 323DLN RAC-1-UP    324D T2D-1-UP    324DL DFP-1-UP    324DL JJG-1-UP
  • 324DL LAB-1-UP    324DL SYM-1-UP    324DLN BYE-1-UP    324DLN EJC-1-UP
  • E200B 6KF1-UP    EL200B 7DF -1-UP    


  • DM30 UP9416 TO 9419    

CROSS REFERENCE (Original codes):
BERCO    CR5592

Lucas Parts Top Rollers/Upper Rollesr/Carrier Rollers are manufactured in highest quality hardened steel with the heavy duty duo-cone seals, and advanced heat treatment processes to increase robustness, guarantee high resistance and optimize wear performance in any environment.

Lucas Parts undercarriage product serves both the heavy equipment and industrial markets with rubber track machinery such as Excavators,Bulldozer,  Mini Excavators, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Skid Steers, and Mini Dozers. We offer one of the most dependable complete range of Rollers, Drive Sprockets, Idler Wheels, Track Guide,Rubber Track, Steel Chain in the industry.

All undercarriage components are backed by a 1 year warranty.

If you can't see what you are looking for, please get in touch with us, as we are constantly adding to our product range.

INGERSOLL RAND    57704918
ITM    C7820100M00
ITM    C78201A0M00
VPI    VCR5592V


excavator undercarriage diamgram


SKU ETR20101
Shipping Weight 14.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.350m
Shipping Cubic 0.031500000m3
Unit Of Measure ea


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