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Keep your construction machines up and running by installing the new and upgraded Hitachi excavator parts. Getting quality Hitachi parts online may have been a difficulty in the past, but with Lucas Parts, you can be assured that you will get 100% authentic and genuine Hitachi excavator parts at competitive rates.

Don’t worry, installing new parts does not have to be a burden for you. Get top-rated spare parts for your excavator within your budget range. Hitachi excavator parts can be difficult to procure from third party suppliers as one cannot be sure about the authenticity of the parts itself. Fortunately, at Lucas Parts, we only source Hitachi parts from the original manufacturer and ensure that our clients only get parts that are thoroughly inspected and checked before handover.

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Lucas Parts supply and deliver high-quality and best in class spare parts for machines used in the construction and agriculture industry. We can provide you with a range of compact and selective tools and parts as per your machine’s make and model. If you're unsure about the kind of Hitachi excavator parts you require, then simply reach out to us and we will help determine which are the parts that need to be placed in your excavator. You'll no longer need to have any hassles with searching for Hitachi parts online as you can contact Lucas Parts and we can procure the exact parts you need.

We cater to the needs and requirements of our clients by helping them adopt advanced solutions for their business.

Want to talk to our representatives? Call us on 0404 876 876 and get personalised assistance. We will guide you step by step to help you choose the right product and shop for the Hitachi parts online in a safe manner.

Want to finish your construction work on time? We ensure that all your machines are functioning properly while transforming the earthmoving industry with our innovative line of products. We understand that if there is any functionality problem with your excavator, then it could lead to a significant amount of downtime for your business. Considering the fact that downtime in construction activity leads to a high loss of revenue, Lucas Parts will always be available to provide you with the Hitachi excavator parts you need on short notice.

Excavators weigh from 12 to 20 tonne; they need to be kept well-maintained so that they can do their work with precision and accuracy. In order to perform a detailed excavation, you need to browse for Hitachi parts online.

We supply spares parts and excavator parts to our clients. We have successfully built a reputation for providing hi-tech and modern parts. From attachments to filters, you can find almost every type of part that is best suited for your next project.

We offer a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who offer their valuable tips and guidance.

Want to minimise downtime caused by machine breakdowns?

Choose our services and get going. With the increased workload, you need to rely on professional suppliers to shop for Hitachi excavator parts. At Lucas Parts, we bring an online platform to you where you can find every kind of equipment and part to make your excavator more efficient and reliable.

Hitachi excavator parts

We are here to help you maintain your machines and keep them at their peak. Browse our website and we promise that you will find all parts you need.

Our team is dedicated to making your online shopping experience more efficient. We offer a full warranty on the products and offer replacements parts at the best possible prices.

What to do next?

Discuss your requirements in detail and our specialists will assess and analyse your current operating environments and the type of machinery you use. We will then prepare a list of the spare parts and other items specific to your unique requirements.

Give us a chance to transform your work process with our Hitachi excavator parts. Each part is tested for its efficiency and quality. With our quick and convenient services, you can order the parts anytime, anywhere.

Create a safe and healthy work environment for your staff by employing competent machinery.

Discover a broad range of excavator parts and upgrade your machines.


SKU: HCAB10105

Bucket Cylinder Assembly EX120-2 EX120-5 EX120-6 ZX135


SKU: HCAB20103

Bucket Cylinder Assembly ZX200 ZX200-3 ZX210


SKU: HCAB20104

Bucket Cylinder Assembly ZX230 ZX240-3


SKU: HCAB30102

Bucket Cylinder Assembly ZX330-3 ZX350-3

$85.00 $70.00


Cap - Hydraulic Oil Tank, Breather Air Assy. Komatsu PC10



Hydraulic Main Pump ZX270 Genuine Part

$590.00 $550.00

SKU: EMII06114

Idler EX40 EX50 EX50URG Airman AX40 60*140mm



Key Hitachi Key H800 One Pair