Excavator bucket pin shims

Improve the performance of your construction equipment with excavator pin shims.

It is a fact that it can be extremely difficult to dig or position the attachments once the parts and components on the excavator’s arm begin to wear off. It can also lead to on-site injuries and accidents. To avoid such incidents, it is best to have a reliable supplier for excavator pin shims on standby.

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We at Lucas Parts have inspired our customers all across Melbourne by providing a comprehensive range of tools, parts and accessories. Our company is one of the largest importers of the earth moving parts. We stock pins, buckets, shims of various dimensions and weight. If you require quality excavator bucket shims then you need to have a reputed and reliable supplier who can provide you with high quality excavator pin shims at affordable rates. As such, Lucas Parts is undoubtedly your best bet to get quality parts for your excavator at competitive prices with zero compromise on quality.

Who are we?

We are Australia’s leading supplier of earthmoving and spare parts.

Let us know what exactly you need and we assure you to find the best components that suit your machine’s make and model. Our team specialises in identifying technical problems and provide an appropriate solution for your construction equipment. Our in-house consultants can evaluate your construction requirements and provide you with valuable inputs on the type of excavator bucket pin shims, that would be best suited for your construction activities.

We delve into technology and innovation to create tailored solutions for all your construction needs. So, if you need an excavator shim that does not break down and helps your heavy machinery protect itself from unexpected damage then you need to go with a trusted supplier with a significant amount of experience in the market, like Lucas Parts. Our dedication to manufacturing quality products is what makes us the number one choice for our valuable customers.

With over 20 years of experience, we constantly put our industry knowledge to use to refine our products and make them more efficient and time-saving for our clients. We supply chain quality and solid products to our customers. Our emphasis on providing durable and thoroughly inspected excavator pin shims has allowed us to stand at the top of providing quality spare parts for our clientele in Australia. 

Our customer support team is here to make your online shopping experience smooth. Explore the largest selection of earthmoving parts and accessories. All the products are tested for their performance and durability before they are delivered to you. Our company’s goal is to help our customers choose the right type of products at the right price.

What is an excavator shim used for?

The excavator bucket pin shims protect your heavy machinery from unnecessary damage and wear. They also minimise the sound generated during the process. We have a stock of pin shims with a diameter ranging from 40mm up to 100mm. You can pick the right product based on its thickness to get the right fit for your excavator. The spaces in moving joints of the excavators are filled with mild steel.

Shims are installed to ensure that your machine is tight and functioning properly without exerting too much pressure on the joints. They stop any type of unnecessary movement and prevents the aging of the mechanical parts. Avoid lateral movement in the machine joint and replace the worn off parts.

Benefits of using excavator pin shims:

Shims are used in construction; they provide a levelled and even surface. They come in a variety of materials such as metal and plastic. The excavator shim is perfect to close the gaps and make the surface even.

  • Provides an even surface for construction
  • Reduces clearance between objects
  • Eliminate the gaps and protects the mechanical parts from wearing off

We help our clients accomplish their tasks on-time with our right-sized tools and accessories, designed specifically for their specific construction job.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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Shim 40*1*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 30*1*60mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 35*5*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 40*5*80mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 50*1*101mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 60*1*110mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 40*3*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 30*2*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 50*2*90mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 35*1*70mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 65*1*120mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 65*5*100mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 100*1*162mm ID x Thickness x OD


SKU: SHM9100X1X170M

Shim 100*1*170mm ID x Thickness x OD


SKU: SHM9100X10M

Shim 100*10*165mm ID x Thickness



Shim 100*2*152mm ID x Thickness x OD


SKU: SHM9100X2X170M

Shim 100*2*170mm ID x Thickness x OD


SKU: SHM9100X3X150M

Shim 100*3*150mm ID x Thickness x OD



Shim 100*5*150mm ID x Thickness


SKU: SHM9100X5X170M

Shim 100*5*170mm ID x Thickness


SKU: SHM9100X5X180M

Shim 100*5*180mm ID x Thickness