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Excavator Pins and Bushes Melbourne

Looking for excavator pins and bushings suppliers in your area?

Now make sure that there are no disruptions to your work and keep downtime to a minimum with the help of link pin bushes. It is important that you keep your excavator handy and operational all the time in order to finish the project as per the timeline. A crucial aspect of keeping your excavator in perfect working condition is to get quality pins and bushes for excavators, that are sourced from trusted suppliers.

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With excavator parts and accessories, you can replace the old and worn off parts and get moving without facing any further delays at work. However, this does require reliable excavator pins and bushings suppliers whom you can trust to provide high quality link pin bushes on every single order.

At Lucas Parts, we will bring you the parts you need for your construction work. Access a range of excavator pins and bushes in Melbourne and ensure to complete your work on time. We offer quick delivery of the products along with a warranty. We ensure that we only provide our clients with durable and rigorously tested pins and bushes for excavators to ensure that their excavators have the least possible disruptions and are in perfect working order, every single time.

The excavator pins made from induction steel are hard wearing, durable and last for a longer time duration. The chrome plate makes the pin resistant to daily wear and tear. They are designed for immediate installations and use.  

We have an extensive range of excavator attachments and spare parts for all types of models. You can be assured that once you go through our extensive range of excavator pins and bushes in Melbourne, you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for, at a highly affordable rate.

Lucas Parts has earned its reputation by being one of the leading excavator pins and bushings suppliers in Melbourne. We specialise in providing excavator attachments and accessories for all your needs. If you're unsure about the type of link pin bushes you require, then simply reach out to us and one of our consultants will evaluate your business requirements and recommend the right type of excavator pins and bushes for your construction activity.

Extend the life of your machinery and equipment with our diverse range of tools and accessories.

Take complete control of the construction process with our high-quality fittings and accessories. From pins to seals, we supply the best and compatible pins and bushes for excavators for various machines.

Our Team:

We understand that different construction applications require parts of different specifications. Feel free to chat with our team and they will help you find the right pins and bushes for excavators as per your needs and budget.

Our field technicians offer complete assistance and after-sales support to customers whenever they need it. Get your job done quickly and reduce service downtime with Lucas Parts.

No matter what the size and type of your construction job is, we are committed to helping our customers adopt the latest tools and technologies in real-time and run their construction business seamlessly.

Our quality assurance enables customers to make a safe purchase. All our products are designed for optimum performance thus reducing your overall operational costs.

Why choose our services?

  • Unmatched value and customisation
  • Best quality part and accessories at a reasonable price
  • Large selection of quality products
  • Skilled technicians who understand your unique requirements
  • Round the clock professional consultation services

We provide real-time pricing; you can instantly find out whether the part you need is in stock or not.

Discover our full range of pins and bushes for excavators.

Our solutions will help you keep your work on track. Instead of purchasing a new excavator why not upgrade it by installing brand new parts in it.

Call us today and one of our specialists will provide a feasible solution to improve your machine’s performance and lifespan.



Shim 50*1mm ID x Thickness



Shim 45*1mm ID x Thickness



Shim 45*5mm ID x Thickness


SKU: B50X60X50M

Bush 50*60*50mm ID*OD*L



Shim 45*2mm ID x Thickness



Shim 55*1mm ID x Thickness


SKU: B50X60X45M

Bush 50*60*45mm ID*OD*L CAT308D (P9)


SKU: B50X60X70M

Bush 50*60*70mm ID*OD*L


SKU: B30X45X50M

Bush 30*45*50mm ID*OD*L


SKU: B45X55X60M

Bush 45*55*60mm ID*OD*L



Bush Dust Seal 55*65*4mm One Pair ID*OD*THK



Shim 50*5mm ID x Thickness



Shim 80*1mm ID x Thickness



Shim 80*2mm ID x Thickness


SKU: B55X65X40M

Bush 55*65*40mm ID*OD*L


SKU: B65X80X60M

Bush 65*80*60mm ID*OD*L EX120 PC120 PC130 DH150


SKU: P50X330M1

Excavator Pin 50*330mm ID*TL


SKU: P50X380M1

Excavator Pin 50*380mm ID*TL


SKU: B45X55X50M

Bush 45*55*50mm ID*OD*L R60 PC40


SKU: B50X60X60M

Bush 50*60*60mm ID*OD*L


SKU: B55X65X60M

Bush 55*65*60mm ID*OD*L