Side Links, Tipping Links, Dog Bones or Banana Links.

Side Links/Tipping Links

Lucas Parts offer a range of Side Links to suit most makes and models on the market.

The side links are the piece that runs from the bucket ram to the top of the bucket link.  These parts are also sometimes known as Tipping Links, Dog Bones or Banana Links.



SKU: BSL10108

Side Link One Pair EC140 A*B*C 65x65x495mm


SKU: BSL10107

Side Link One Pair PC138 A*B*C 60x65x485mm


SKU: BSL10109

Side Link One Pair SH120-3 A*B*C 65x70x500mm


SKU: BSL06112

Side Link One Pair CAT305 A*B*C 40X45X350mm


SKU: BSL09102

Side Link One Pair CAT307 CAT308B A*B*C 45X55X425mm


SKU: BSL20114

Side Link One Pair CAT324 A*B*C 70*80*680mm