Final Drive Unit

Excavator Final Drive Motor

Want to replace the old drive motor on your excavator? The mechanical parts need to be replaced from time to time or else it can interfere with your work cycle. If the excavator final drive motor is not duly replaced then your excavator could have significant operational issues which will eventually lead to a breakdown, costing you a large amount of money in repairs.

Nowadays, excavators are designed differently. With the integration of advanced features and operability enhancement, there is a need for regular maintenance. You should ensure that each and every part of the excavator functions smoothly. If there is any issue with the final drive unit, then your excavator will have significant problems as far as functionality goes, and your construction activities will be proportionately hindered.

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What if you could save more on parts such as excavator drive motor and get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassle? What if you could get excavator final drive parts at competitive prices, without having to burn a hole in your wallet.

If you are looking for a quality replacement part that fits your budget and are high performing as well, then choose Lucas Parts as your leading suppliers. We offer complete peace of mind to our clients by providing specialised parts with no additional or hidden charges. With a vast amount of experience in dealing with heavy machinery, we can provide you with final drive components that have been built by some of the top minds in the industry to ensure that there are minimum chances of the spare part breaking down or causing any hindrance to your operations.

We import earthmoving parts and accessories that will match your budget requirements and machine configuration.

Features of excavator drive motor:

  • Compact design to ensure it fits within the crawler
  • High torque and power density
  • Shifting system detects heavy loads and shifts
  • Smooth acceleration of the motor to minimise wear and tear
  • Counter-balance value to prevent sliding and accidents
  • Compatible with excavators of different brands and makes

Lucas Parts always deliver your products on time. We are known to supply durable and high-quality hitachi excavator parts according to the specifications provided by our clients. By thoroughly evaluating your requirements, we can provide you with an excavator final drive that will be perfect for your construction requirements.

The excavator final drive motor consists of a gearbox and drive sprocket mounted to it. An internal breakage can cause damage to the machine. We have an extensive range of drive motors used for multiple applications including building construction, mining agriculture and much more.

We supply heavy-duty construction equipment for both domestic and commercial sectors.

Mini excavator final drive

Mini excavators have a compact design and are widely used to perform small excavation tasks and prepare the worksite.

The drive motor works well with a variety of machines and cranes. Whether you have a mini excavator or a full-size hydraulic excavator, we have the perfect compatible parts for all your devices and machinery.

Our work process:

Our experts follow a streamlined manufacturing workflow to design motors and other accessories that possess upgraded features. The units are carefully designed and assembled so that we can make sure that they function properly. We also carry out pressure and load tests during the production stage.

Call us on 0404 876 876 or visit our website. You can rely on our staff who offer their expertise and support.

Why us?

We aim to provide our clients with quality earthmoving parts, attachments, and all types of spare parts. We offer competitive and customised solutions based on your work type and budget.

  • We only supply reliable and branded products
  • All our parts come with guaranteed fitting
  • Get complete warranty and quality assurance

Browse through our selection of excavator final drive parts. We have some of the finest replacement products to match most excavator models.

Want to operate your machinery safely and efficiently? Consult with us today.



Final Drive CAT 259D 259C (12) 220mm


SKU: FDU05105

Final Drive CAT306E (12) 230mm

$10,500.00 $7,900.00

SKU: FDU30102

Final Drive Kato HD1430-3 HD1430-7

Out Of Stock

$5,990.00 $4,600.00

SKU: FDU03105G

Final Drive Kubota U20 CAT302 PC20 (9+3) 160mm Genuine Parts

$3,600.00 $3,300.00

SKU: FDU03105

Final Drive Kubota U20 U20-3 U27-4 CAT302 PC20 (9) 160mm

$13,000.00 $8,900.00

SKU: FDU30101

Final Drive SH300-6

Out Of Stock


SKU: FDU40101G

Final Drive Unit EC460 Geniune Part


SKU: FDU20105G

Final Drive Unit R220LC-9 Geniune Part